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Ecommerce is the buzzword of the new Millennium. It's the hottest money-making trend. It lets you open the doors of your business to the global market while staying local. But do you really know how big it is?

A shopping cart acts as an online catalogue where customers can easily select multiple items, review, and order them easily.

Bresnan Hosting currently offers its very own robust ecommerce solutions, EasyStoreMaker (advanced package subscribers) and EasyStoreMaker Pro (premium package subscribers), providing a reliable e-store application for customers wanting to sell their products online.

Bresnan Hosting has chosen StoreSense as a key ecommerce partner. StoreSense offers subscribers a complete set of wizards to simplify the process of building an online store. Up sell merchandising and order fulfillment are included, and StoreSense's modular architecture provides full customization for each company’s storefront.

Payment gateways authorize and process credit card orders using a merchant account. Most merchant providers also offer payment processing services as well. Bresnan has partnered with the following companies to offer its customers the best in payment processing and merchant services:

•   E-xact Transactions   •   Psigate   •   Verisign PayflowPro    •   World Pay   •